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Here at Cyclone Systems, we offer all type of services available for all types of dust extraction, to ensure your system is the best it can be.


Servicing and Repairs

Cyclone systems offer annual servicing and repairs of dust extraction systems. If it is just a regular service, repair or a breakdown, we will make sure that the system is the best It can be.



We recommend an annual LEV test of the extraction system, Although it is the law to carry out an LEV test of the extraction system every 14 months, we recommend an annual LEV test. This is to ensure the air quality around workers breathing zones.



Our knowledge of vacuums can ensure that a new system or upgrade to a system will work to its full potential.

Has your extraction system been LEV tested this year? Has it been serviced or maintained?


LEV COSHH (Local Exhaust Ventilation Control Of Substances Hazardous to Health) are systems designed to take harmful substances away from your breathing zone. Regulation 9 of the COSHH legislation states that it is the law to have these systems tested every 14 months

Cyclone Systems

Whether it is fixed extraction systems or portable machines we highly recommend annual servicing on all systems.

Cyclone Systems

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